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Organic Pet Treats & Food in Unionville, Connecticut

Puppy with Bows - Pet Treats

Give your furry companions the best possible pet treats and food when you shop at Claudette’s Creative Clippins in Unionville, Connecticut. We carry a line of organic pet food, including the popular Organix™ and preservative-free Abady™ brands.

Choose from raw, granular, canned, and dry food in both cat and dog varieties. Our team is involved in an effort to bring in more organic and USA-made pet foods, and is proud to offer you a healthier and organic selection for your pet.

Treats & Supplies

We even carry all kinds of treats for your animal. Purchase your pet’s favorite, including bully sticks, pig’s ears, rawhide, and several other natural or organic cookies. Our salon carries a small selection of leashes, collars, and even vanity coats for your dog.

For more information about our pet treats and food or to request a service,
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